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London East Teacher Training Alliance
Life at London East Teacher Training Alliance Life at London East Teacher Training Alliance Life at London East Teacher Training Alliance Life at London East Teacher Training Alliance

"The quality of the training, school experience and support is outstanding"
-LETTA student

"We have been supported, encouraged and motivated to be the best that we can be."

"A fantastic course; quality learning and brilliant support."
-LETTA student

"I've learnt such a diverse range of things which I've been able to try out."

"Led by people who demonstrate wisdom and a love of what they do."
-LETTA student

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LETTA appealed to me because of its outstanding reputation, and the excellent reviews given by past trainees. Before applying to the course I had the opportunity to visit one of the LETTA schools and meet several trainees - all of whom not only made me excited about the course but also dispelled any concerns I had.

The opportunity to work alongside outstanding teachers in a variety of school settings is incredible helpful for your training. You pick up amazing tips every single day and see top teachers in action first hand.

LETTA sessions cover a fantastically wide range of topics integral to teaching. Communication is very much two-way, meaning you can feedback to LETTA tutors who will proactively tweak the course to suit your needs!

Andy Matfield, April 2017


School Direct with LETTA is absolutely fantastic - I am loving every minute of it. Its fantastic schools, supportive mentors, caring course leaders, best in class academic teaching and pedagogic courses delivered by leading practitioners ensures that trainee teachers have every opportunity to learn and develop into excellent teachers. I am based in a wonderful, creative and caring school with a mentor who has brought out the best in me. I am only in my second half term and I have learnt so much. LETTA sources training which is leading in education and every trainee has their own personalised plan customised to their individual needs. Our course leaders couldn't do more for each of us. They ensure we have access to every opportunity to grow and support us every step of the way with a constructive, collaborative and caring approach. When I talk to the other trainees who have done different routes, I feel extremely confident as I know that School Direct with LETTA is the best way to prepare you for teaching with its excellent balance of theory and practise.

Claire Jones, November 2016


'What a superb job the partnership does in supplying high quality new teachers to schools in that partnership and others in the local area.'

'Trainees spoke about the high levels of support, commitment and care form all those involved.'

'The school-based mentors spoke of how highly they value the partnership'

Centre-based training is well thought-out...inspirational and forward-thinking...'punches above its weight' in terms of the high profile speakers it attracts'

'This has been an overwhelmingly positive and exciting experience with exceptionally high quality trainees (who have all been offered jobs) and mentors. I have no points for consideration this year.'

Steve Dunning (External Moderator), June 2016


What an amazing year this has been. We were supported in our learning right from the start. We taught alongside outstanding practitioners who also acted as our mentors. The training was fantastic, full of inspiring speakers and practical demonstrations of exceptional practice. We feel grateful to have spent the year teaching at Bygrove School. It is a school that is passionate about education and has very high standards, with teachers that genuinely love what they do. This enthusiasm makes it a very exciting place to work for both the staff and the children!

Maddie Eckert, July 2015