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Life at London East Teacher Training Alliance Life at London East Teacher Training Alliance Life at London East Teacher Training Alliance Life at London East Teacher Training Alliance

"The quality of the training, school experience and support is outstanding"
-LETTA student

"We have been supported, encouraged and motivated to be the best that we can be."

"A fantastic course; quality learning and brilliant support."
-LETTA student

"I've learnt such a diverse range of things which I've been able to try out."

"Led by people who demonstrate wisdom and a love of what they do."
-LETTA student

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Preparing LETTA Mentors

LETTA recognises the key roles that mentors play during the training year. All mentors apply to LETTA before undertaking the role. Following successful recruitment, all mentors must attend seven days of professional development in order to prepare for this role. This takes places during the Summer term, before mentors being in their role.

Training for Mentors

Effective Classroom Observation led by Penny Holden
This course supports mentors to be consistent in their evaluation of teaching and learning standards. It supports the development of a strong evidence base to support self-evaluation and provide opportunities to consider ways of enhancing pedagogy. Developed by experienced inspectors, this certificated five-unit programme includes three tutor-led days combined with distance learning and an assessed lesson observation.

Coaching and Mentoring led by Jo Franklin
This two day course supports mentors to develop skills in coaching and mentor. A study by The National Foundation for Educational Research & TDA (2008) found that coaching and mentoring was proven to have an impact on both individuals and organisations, including the following outcomes. 

  • increased reflectivity and clarity of thinking
  • improved psychological well-being and confidence
  • better problem-solving skills (including decision-making)
  • gains in practitioner knowledge and skills
  • improved sharing of practice
  • better communication and relationships
  • more positive attitudes towards professional and career development
  • self-management and self-learning skills

Mentor Meetings

In addition to professional development opportunities, mentors meet regularly with the LETTA team and are kept up-to-date on the programme, and local and national developments.

Lead Mentors

Lead mentors are experienced LETTA mentors who oversee a cluster of mentors, in order to support them in their role. Lead mentors play a significant role in the quality assurance and success of the mentor-trainee partnership.  

Competency Framework for Mentors

Developed by LETTA mentors and tutors, our competency framework for mentors ensures consistency and quality of mentoring across the programme. 
Click here to view the LETTA Competency Framework for Mentors.