Early Career Teachers Induction Programme

Our induction programme will support NQTs to meet the requirements of their induction period through personalised learning and professional guidance. The programme is designed around the principles of community, collaboration, research and reflection. NQTs are supported by a team of dedicated tutors and a range of facilitators who are leaders in their fields.

Covid-19 response

NQTs undertaking induction in 2020/2021 are in a unique position. The Covid-19 pandemic caused teacher training institutions to cease regular operations in March 2020 and move learning online. In response, LETTA will offer a series of Specialist Knowledge Development courses covering subject knowledge and pedagogy across the curriculum. These courses can be accessed at no additional cost by NQTs and second year teachers from schools registered on our induction programme.

Personalised induction programme

The personalised induction programme is comprised of training delivered by a range of internationally and nationally recognised specialists, in addition to expertise drawn from local schools. NQTs have access to support from professional tutors, who are trained coaches and experienced teachers. This is balanced against time spent in schools carrying out gap tasks, consolidating new learning and engaging in peer review.


LETTA take wellbeing seriously. We are committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of all our NQTs. All NQTs enrolled on our induction programme have access to face-to-face and/or telephone counselling, financial guidance, money management support, legal information and work-life support including childcare, disability care and tenancy matters.

Specialist knowledge development

In 2020/2021, Specialist Knowledge Development courses will be offered to NQTs and second year teachers from schools registered on our induction programme at no additional cost. These courses will be offered on an opt-in basis. SKD courses will cover a range of primary subject knowledge across the curriculum and evidence-based approaches to pedagogy.

Career development roadmap

LETTA are committed to the ongoing professional development of all our partner teachers. At the end of the induction year, NQTs will have the opportunity to access a range of other professional learning programmes offered by LETTA. These include an Early Career Teacher Programme (Year 2 of ECF), Improving Teacher Programme, Outstanding Teacher Programme, NPQs, New to Leadership Programme, Authentic Leadership Programme and more.

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